Monday, August 22, 2016

Crosstown 'Clectic

The group show and sale is this weekend and I think I'm ready.....I have a really great new piece to show in the gallery section, and am getting the rest of the work together, mostly older pieces that I really like. I'm not expecting any sales and it will be good to have my work shown. It's been a while. The little quilt I made for the Beatle's book finally came back, with the label that was made, plus a list of all the places it has been exhibited. I decided to bring all that plus some of the other pieces I've made over the years that were published in different books and magazines, along with the publications. Maybe I'll get a little street cred! Hahaha
    The biggest thing I hope comes out of this show is to get inspired to make more art. I've let that side of life go by the wayside for too long. Of course, I still have obligations and bills to pay. My yard is a complete wreck, as well. My life is so very different from what it was three years ago. I'm no longer depressed and anxious. I know things can be the way I want them to be, to the degree anyone of my social and financial standing can have anyway.....
.....anyway.....the rest of this week needs to be spent sorting, making tags, and maybe a dress rehearsal of the table set up, to work out any kinks. The best part is, the venue is only blocks from the house. It's in the up and coming new arts district and the group has been plugging it on social media like mother fuckers! If I remember, I'll take photos to post here. 
   My birthday is coming up soon, too. At one point, I thought of throwing a party, but then I've had to pay property taxes and insurance on top of the regular bills, so maybe next year. At least I'll have somewhere to live. That's one of the things that I can make happen and feels pretty good, considering it was the main thing I was depressed and anxious about three years ago.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Back to Blogging

The inspiration for new artwork
I was reminded to tend to this blog by a good friend, so here I am, Deborah!!
   Yes, a lot has happened since my last post, good things mostly, a few crazy things, nothing too awful. T
he soft opening of summer has become nearly intolerable heat for weeks on end, accompanied by the usual Mid South humidity along with pop up afternoon showers and excessive heat warnings, from the National Weather Service. My yard has gone to hell, due to the heat and my lack of stamina to be out in it! On the other hand, sewing is coming along quite nicely, as I sit in air conditioned comfort. I have the utility bill to prove it.....
   Some of this sewing is being directed at a new art piece for an upcoming show. It's a group show with other artists from Tennessee Craft-Southwest,(, August 26-27, at Crosstown Arts, one of the most eclectic venues in town. In an effort to showcase local talent, the price for the space is VERY reasonable, and attendance is usually pretty good, especially opening nights. Some of my artist friends have been in exhibits there the last few years and I am quite proud and happy to have my work showing there.
   The crazy stuff involved a couple personal relationships, and I don't want to air any dirty laundry here. My peace of mind is much better for dealing as I have, with these certain people, although closure is far away. Right now, I'm okay with letting it ride.
    The best thing is the continuing romance with the sweet man I met last spring. He's just about everything I've wanted in a relationship. We are very well suited for each other in so many ways--we are good friends to each other. We like a lot of the same types of entertainment and thank goodness we are both easily amused! The lovin' is great, too, but that's for my secret diary, not the internet. We guard our privacy, being oldsters as we are. None of this putting EVERYTHING into public domain like a lot of younger folk are wont to do.
  I think the best aspect of being part of this couple is the relaxed attitude of us. We keep our private spaces to ourselves and are very together when we are not apart. Perfect for someone my age, after so many years of trying to keep a relationship going, when I should have moved on. But things happen when they do for whatever reason. Like going to lunch at Pho Binh that day.....
   Okay, that's it---I've told my story in the vaguest way possible. I can say I got what I asked for a few years ago---a dull and boring life!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The soft opening of summer

Just like a new restaurant, the soft opening of this new season is Memorial Day. The real one will be the celestial day of fire and wishes for bumper crops of tomatoes and all the tasty summer veggies! The longest day of the year, before REAL Memphis summer sets in, to remind us how happy we are for air conditioners and wish the guy (or gal) who invented it gets a Nobel prize!
  The past weekend was very good and restful for me. After a night out of dancing to tunes from my youth, wherein I invoked the suggestion of dancing like no one is watching, I had a quiet, unplugged morning. A mind relieved of constant chatter is worth more than gold! Caught up on magazine reading, gave quiet thought to progress of next couple of art works, put my harried world aside for a moment.
   If you read my last missive, you will understand what next transpired. Yes. I jinxed myself. My bad. My firstborn young'un got back into my house. That's my bad, too. As my man friend says, solitudus interruptus. This happened last weekend, with large child promising to stay for only two days. It has been how many now? Which I have given constant updates on just how many?
   After four and a half years in the chair, I had come to grips with inherited enabling tendencies. Tough love was at the forefront, but in a weak moment it all fell to the wayside, and alas, I'm here now swimming in regret. So this day and the few before this one, I am gathering strength to fight the good fight to save my hard won solitude. Most of my lovely life (all the miserable days are distant sad memories now) I have cared for one person or another, and not regretted a day of it. As a daughter, a mother, a wife, a sister, all that time was freely and mostly lovingly given to that care. Those days are past. Time for me now, selfish as it sounds, I don't care. There's a line in the sands of time, folks!
   There's a summer waiting for me. Gardening, art making, dinner plans, lazy mornings and weekends, calling me to wander about in my big old house and yard, alone and loving it!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The happiness continues

 Maybe I won't jinx myself by admitting this, but life is coming along very well for me these days. After many weeks getting my house arranged to my liking and finishing several projects, I'm looking forward to a bit of free time.....sleeping late, indulging myself in art work, pulling weeds in the yard for an entire day......hours upon hours to myself without expectations from anyone.
  I'm especially looking forward to getting back to art work. So many ideas that need to be made whole. I feel the need to unplug, to leave the phone in a secluded place, so I can be completely alone until I want to not be so alone. As much as I love technology and all it can enhance one's place in the world, some days beg to be away from all of the intrusion technology brings.
  The idea of crawling in the dirt and green stuff is most appealing. The end result of a tended garden cannot be matched by hours of texting with even your most loved one. And I do love a day of that!!
  On the subject of loved ones, it's been a roller coaster recently. Without revealing too much, there's been a loss of those who are dear to me, an empty space which might be filled with joy in some future time. On the other hand, I've made a new friend who's brought a certain brightness to my days and some evenings, who's made me feel like a better version of myself when I'm in his presence.
   At any rate, it is a wonderful feeling to wake up to a fresh day each morning, to be excited about how many adventures await and the stories to be told of that day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring has arrived

A new chapter in my life has begun. I'm so looking forward to whatever adventure awaits in the coming months and years. It can only be good. Of course, some scrubbing was involved, but anything worthy comes with hard work. Oops, my Lutheranism is showing....

Monday, March 28, 2016

What an honor

The artists group I've belonged to for a long time is starting a feature to highlight an artist periodically. I wrote this short bio and except for the typos, think it's pretty good.  I am surprised that I was asked to be included in this, as there are many other members who have a more illustrious career in the arts. This should appear on the group website and/or Facebook page soon. With photos!!! Of course, this is a short bio. The long version would encompass a novel. That would be considered for a screenplay. The biopic would star Meryl Streep as myself and she would win a fucking Oscar! I tell myself this everyday to make me feel better. And it's working.

My parents came to Memphis after WWII and started having more children. I was the fifth girl, so I had no choice but learn how to sew. When my mother decided I wouldn’t sew my fingers or burn myself with the iron, she let me sew as much as I liked.

Lucky for me, I really loved it. The sound of a sewing machine is invigorating and soothing all at the same time, kind of like cigarettes. I made almost all my clothes as a teenager and my first real job was at Sears in the men’s department, doing alterations. I felt like a millionaire!

  I continued to sew as a young married woman with two small children, and occasionally made clothes for other people.  I worked at a dry cleaners doing alterations, too. 

   There were many other jobs in the meantime, at a photo finishing shop, retail, retail, retail…….at one point I was selling needlework supplies and giving knitting and crochet lessons at Goldsmith”s. Everyday was a learning experience.

  In the 80’s during the last of the heydays of fine fashion fabric stores, I went pro and sewed beautiful things for some very nice people. I taught myself how to construct tailored garments, how to make patterns, fitting adjustments for ladies who found it difficult to buy quality clothing in stores. I made bridesmaids dresses till I pulled my hair out!

I researched unfamiliar techniques in books and magazines, which eventually became a near obsession. I have bookcases FULL of my collections of reference material. Everyday is still a learning experience. 

   One day in the late 90’s, I picked up a quilting magazine and my focus went immediately to more creative sewing adventures. I followed the “rules” for a little while, but decided to teach myself how to make my own colors and designs. I found a different way to do everything, it seemed. 

    I can’t remember how I found the Memphis Association of Craft Artists, but I felt a door had opened when I did. My art was accepted for what it is, an expression of a creative form that didn’t fit into a two dimensional plane stuck on a wall. The other artists and their work enthralled me, as I had never been around talented people who made even functional pieces beautiful and desirable, worthy of showing to the world as art work!

  I loved being in the group and speaking the same language of creativity, and who doesn’t love a fabulous potluck meal!! The day I was asked to be on the board, I was honored and terrified at the same time. Before this experience, I had no idea what it takes to herd cats. But I have nothing but fond memories and continuing fond feelings for what is now Tennessee Craft-Southwest. I hope to continue to contribute to the group in the future, near and far. As always, everyday should be a learning experience. 

   If any of y’all are interested, I post infrequently on my blog at, (go to fiber art posts) and can be found more frequently on Facebook. 


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oh joy

Today, the postal carrier delivered a letter from the public works department of our fair city. It seems I am in violation of yet another ordinance, this one pertaining to the local newspaper's free edition that comes every Tuesday. These publications which contain all the recycled news of the week, pile up at everyone's curb in this neighborhood. 
 Last summer, there was a notice on the door from code enforcement, about my yard being overgrown with weeds. That kind of went no where, then I read in the newspaper, who is leaving unwanted publications in my driveway, which is fueling this latest fiasco, about the supervisor at code enforcement. Seems his underlings have filed a complaint against him for not following up on the complaints citizens have filed against each other. This could work out in my favor, or NOT! And I do not want to rock THAT boat!!!
   I guess I should be prudent in taking the recycled news directly to my lovely recycle cart, according to this latest infraction.
  Oh golly gee, I love midtown. And being a scofflaw......