Monday, April 9, 2018

Lemme explain

There was no writing in the last post, mainly because I was so sad at the demise of my trusty Elna sewing machine. It's been with me since the early 80's and saw me through many projects. It was especially useful for all the heirloom sewing I've done these many years.
  Right in the middle of one of the many graduation dresses I'm working on this season, it decided it was too tired to continue. The thread kept breaking. It was very frustrating and I would have panicked, but a several years ago, I ran across another Elna, that was maybe a year or two older than the recently deceased model. I had the intention of using it for replacement parts if my beloved machine ever needed repairs. It was similar to parents having another child for transplant parts for the older child with a serious disease.
   Since there is no time in my schedule to stop for repairs, I plugged in the spare machine and realized it sewed beautifully. And quietly, with no skipped stitches, no balled up thread on the underside of seams!!! YAY!!!
So, all is well in the workroom now, will be when I get over this awful cold that has had me confined to my bed for the last several days. I had been SOOO careful all winter, avoiding crowds and sick people when the flu was going around, because I knew if I came down with anything it would be BAD!
   Then BOOM I woke up with a scratchy throat last Wednesday, told myself it was spring allergies (which I never have) soldiered on till I went to bed, totally exhausted. Aches and pains kept me from a good night's sleep, then a headache accompanied by rising fever. My temperature reached over 103 and I got out the ice pack.
  Now it's Monday, I'm still fatigued and very disappointed that I had to miss the opening reception of the TNCraft-Southwest Collaborations show yesterday. But so many friends were concerned and offered to bring food and beverage. I'm a lucky person to have such kind caring people in my life...
Sacred Tree

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Spring has sprung, maybe....

After the recent string of seasons we've had in Memphis, spring might be here for a while. Jonquils are coming up, as well as the foliage of the naked ladies. Forsythia is blooming, spirea too. My dad called it bridal bouquet. I love the tiny white flowers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for blooms on the little dogwood tree and a better showing from the flowering quince.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Year with new weather

It's only two weeks into 2018, and we've had at least three seasons it seems! Cold (12 degrees), not so cold (70), now snow and ice (ugh, no NYT delivery) least not being able to get out and about has given me a good excuse to blog.
  There's lots of sewing to do, too. Graduation dresses are in the works. Carnival suit is in progress. For Christmas gifts (as yet, undelivered) I made several microwave bowl cozies. I love mine so much I found directions on Youtube--Thank you, Karen--then dug through my resource center for coordinating fabrics and batting, and whipped them out. And I have received the parts from collaborating artist, Catherine Stevens, to create the pieces for the show in April. That is VERY exciting and I will post more on that later.
  Since I've got an early start on the dresses and suits, I will have time to work in the garden before the REAL summer season begins. Who knows when that humidity bomb will drop??!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

THE dress: Before and After

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John and Christie on their wedding day.

                                 Dalton and Jamie on their wedding day.

THE dress part 6

 Here we are for the final fitting, to make sure everything was in the right places and going over how to get in and out of the dress. After this step, I pressed it to make it crisp and smooth.
That's my niece, Christie, holding the slip which is worn under the dress to make it a bit longer for the ceremony and first dances at the reception. Jamie still seems happy....whew!!!!

THE dress part 5

 Here's Jamie for the second fitting of her wedding dress. We made decisions on final placement of lace details and length of the hem. The wide lace at the hem was just pinned on at this point. The upper back pieces were a bit fiddly, but I was able to get it properly placed for a smooth fit and attractive look. She seems pretty happy to me!! And big shout out to Cheryl for letting me take over her sewing room. She would tap on the door periodically to offer snacks!!

 fussy fitting