Friday, July 31, 2009

Gone at Last!!

The so called "mayor" of Memphis FINALLY left---hurray!!! Hopefully we will have some real leadership in this town. The man who is the interim mayor has a daunting task ahead of him till the post is filed in the special election-90 days I think. Mayor Lowery will have to clean house at City Hall with a big broom to get all the dirt out. Fortunately he seems to be a pragmatic sort, which I think is a good attribute for anybody, especially public servants. The recent former mayor forgot the concept of public servant and embraced fiefdom. Not good for leadership.
Back to art--I feel better after unloading on the political thing. Work is caught up a little bit. (Please don't jinx me sewing fairies!!) Maybe I can have some mental health time, since I had to miss my regular mental health day last Monday--tonsillitis!
Some good news. I have been invited to have a show of my art works at Germantown Performing Arts Center (GPAC) in November. All info has been submitted and I'm waiting on the contract with all the definite dates, etc. GPAC is a very nice venue. My quilts will hang in the upper lobby for approx, six weeks. The quilts are a mix of older and recent work that have (I think) a cohesive feel, mostly abstract and semi abstract pieces that showcase my hand dyed and original surface design fabrics. Wish me luck.

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Trish said...

We missed you at our Mnday Mental Health Day! Hope you are feeling better...and congrats on the upcoming showing at GPAC!