Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Challenge quilt

On a different subject, I have almost finished the piece for the online challenge I joined. The theme is "Puzzle". There are a few elements that need to be added, then that's done. Reveal day/week is Feb 22, but if I get motivated and need a break from scrubbing the hovel, I may show some small details from the quilt before then.
The Sewing Guild board is meeting here tomorrow and I don't need to be sitting at this blasted machine. Vacuuming must be done--quiches must be made. Diet Coke needs to be brought in.


etta said...

yea!! Diet Coke!

Trish said...

And the quiches were totally AWESOME!!! Especially that aparagus/mushroom! Getting a sneak peak at your work was fun, too! :)