Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fire-very good

While walking my usual 3.25 mile route today, I came across a pile of wood cut into reasonable sized pieces. After the post walk shower, on my way to the post office, I detoured to pick up this wood. Since it is freshly cut, it will need to dry up a bit. Maybe this fall it will make a nice fire. It seems I have gotten back in touch with my pyromaniac roots as well as my inner Protestant. Hmmmm--what a combination.
   The actual highlight of this day was a 30 minute conversation (with a man who could double for Santa) about how all the recent ills of our dear country could be laid at the feet of Incarnate Evil aka Dick Cheney. Several months ago I had initiated this same conversation in an equally long line at the same post office. It did my liberal socialist heart good to hear another like mind start such a thread. Too bad the rabble did not get roused. :(
  Back to fire. I found these "rocks" in my yard while on another digging adventure (oy) and have no earthly idea what they are. For all the world they fit the description of coal. So I tossed one into the fire pit night before last and it never caught fire, but it did break up, like shale. The houses in this neighborhood originally had coal furnaces. If anybody out there--Fred--is an expert on fossil fuels, please look at these photos and if you need a physical sample I'll send one.


Thomasin Durgin said...

I'm always watching out for those pyromaniac protestants!

splashycolors said...

Marilyn, I love reading your writings.

Sarah has decided that her lifelong love of rocks is going to be her career. She's studying geology at U of Memphis. She and one of her friends go over to Nonconnah, is it creek? and look for rocks. I'll tell her to call you and pick you up sometime. They find some cool stuff.


splashycolors said...

I didn't know my name was splashycolors. I either wrote that when I was really out of it. Or else......?