Sunday, February 19, 2012

21st Century calling

So last week I went to breakfast with my son and we also had a little retail therapy at the bookstore and electronics store. We both wound up with ipods, I got the Touch and he got the Classic. I'd been thinking about having one since before Xmas and decided to treat myself since I didn't get myself anything "big" for that pesky winter holiday in December, or the one from last week. It is really a wonderful thing and has enhanced my walking experience greatly.
   Or course, there were some issues with the earbuds and my tiny delicate ears, so today, after perusing the sale ads in the newspaper, I bought some nifty Skullcandy ear thingies. They were a smokin' hot deal, so if they don't live up to my expectations, I won't feel too cheated. They have three sizes of little rubber bumpers (?) and seemed okay when I stuck them in my head for a minute. But the real test will be on the road.
  It is so nice to have my favorite music come along with me for my 4 miles of exercise. My mood is elevated when I'm back home and I think I loosen up too, because my upper back isn't stiff after walking anymore. And I'm very careful not to be singing along when I approach other walkers/runners. That would be embarrassing.
  The other thing I like about it is I can check to see if I have any new email (when I'm in a wifi zone, anyway) before I go to the trouble of logging onto my laptop and I can check the weather report in a jiffy. Another part I like is that I was able to set up the ipod almost by myself, the email part, and only had to get help for the music downloading. It is good to have patient children.

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