Saturday, November 10, 2012


My weekends seem to be busier than the weeks these days. Today was the opening day of the MACA tour of  fine craft. I was hostessing at the venue where my fiber art also is being displayed. The morning was not so busy, but by the time I had to leave to teach the final skirt class, people were stopping by. Tomorrow, I will be at two other locations and it will be fun to see other artists and their work. I took pictures, but didn't get a chance to download from the camera. Maybe tomorrow or Monday.
  The skirt class was a success. One of the students finished her garment and started on another. The other ladies finished their skirts (except for a tiny bit of handwork) and seemed very pleased with the results. There were a few moments of angst when stitches needed to be ripped out and replaced, but all in all everyone had a positive experience and learned new skills. ALL of us...I learned patience, which I am sorely in need of these days.
   Sew Memphis is on Facebook, so go there to see photos. The shop also has a fun and informative
  The best part of the day was dinner out with my husband and the Noodlemans. I haven't been to visit them in a while, so it was good to catch up with their recent antics. We're already talking about going to St. Louis next fall.

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