Saturday, April 6, 2013


A quick update on the iron situation, because I know you all are holding your collective breath over whether I was having to send the new one back or not!!! It's staying here to become my new favorite, I hope.
  I called Wawak the other day (Tuesday I think) and talked to the nicest person at customer service. By the way, ALL the customer service people there are VERY nice and helpful. When I told her the problem I was experiencing, she asked if I had removed the blue sticker covering the LCD display. WHAT?? Just peel it off...okay....duh! So we both had a good laugh and she says it happens all the time with this particular iron. We laughed some more and I suggested the instructions should have that on the first page. She agreed and we laughed a little more, I said thank you VERY MUCH, she said you're welcome and we both got on with our respective day. Which I must say was a pretty good day, considering how crazy my life is right now.

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Angela Moore said...

Marilyn like you great customer service makes my day, and today was one of those days at Kroger that made me frown.