Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring? Really? Maybe?

Earlier this evening, I stepped out to put some flotsam in the recycle bin, and smelled a floral scent in the air that was NOT the neighbor's dryer sheets. It was the intoxicating smell of spring blossoms. The kind that are almost too sweet. The kind of fragrance that is a pretty sure sign that warmer temps are on the local agenda. It was dark then, so I will have to investigate further in the daylight. 
  Other positive news. My laptop has been restored to it's former glory. Whew! During the time it was on the outs with me, I had to resort to using the iPad for my daily web functions. That exposed me to a new learning curve, which has been a good experience and exercise for my aging brain.
  All in all, life is good, despite the periodic glitches.  

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