Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back to art posts

I have been fortunate lately to be able to exhibit some of my work. Plus there are upcoming shows as well. Of course, most of the work has been older pieces. I have been making a bed quilt for myself so I haven't done any artsy stuff. Except for a wall hanging made with a batik panel I acquired years ago. That's going to be in the show in November. 
  There's a show coming up in February that hopefully will knock my socks off!!  The theme is "Collaboration" and I'm working with a metal artist whose work I have admired for years. We are meeting this week to confer on our effort so I need to have something to show besides the big piece of paper that determines the size. 
  Stay tuned kids! The remaining pieces of the divorce should finally be falling into place, which will bring a huge sigh of relief from this tired old lady! 
  Plus I have been building a deck in the yard. It is nearing completion. One of my many projects to keep myself occupied. 

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