Sunday, October 1, 2017

My wonderfully boring life!

    Last week was busy for me. Dinner with pals at a very fine dining establishment on Monday. The next evening, Tuesday, I gave a presentation on journal quilts, which was well received, I hope...all the guild members present where quiet during my talk, or should I say blathering. I do enjoy my series of journal quilts and feel like I have a fairly decent body of work that tells parts of my story.
    Then there was all the regular stuff- BFCC on Monday morning, dental appointment Tuesday afternoon, checking on friend's house all week, fulfilling other obligations and duties, too.
    The weather has been perfect the last few days, so I spent the ENTIRE day yesterday in my yard. I got a lot accomplished, planting, digging out crap. Sadly, my favorite little shovel broke while trying to dig up a rotted tree stump. There's a backup shovel in the truck, but I hesitate to take it out, because one never knows when one will have to bury up something......

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