Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy days

We experimented with the soy wax with good results, but alas, there's no time for photo op these last few days. Also I did a small photo transfer using the method in a new magazine--but used clear contact paper--and got good results with that too. When things calm down and there's less chauffering in my life, I'll get photos of the arty stuff.
The garden is quite lovely in spite of the oppressive heat. The Monarda was at it's best when this picture was taken.


Rakehell said...

Our garden does look really good when you can frame the picture.

Trish said...

Monarda look like jester hats, dontcha think? I cannot see them without feeling a smile...happy happy! Yours are so vibrant...just beautiful!
The pond gives the illusion of 'cool' even if the reality is far from it!
Speaking of cool...I look forward to the arty pics!

ettam said...

Your garden is beautiful. It's much like the garden I dream of if I had a bit of shade. I'd love to trade yards with you or Patricia! I guess I just need to learn more.