Thursday, August 20, 2009

Keepin' it crazy

Our mayor who just resigned (yeah!) is considering running for mayor (whu?) along with 10 or 12 others. He also is planning on running for congress and his campaign slogan is "Keepin' it Real". So our friends are going to file a petition to put one of their cats into the mayor's race. It's for two purposes really--one to point out how ridiculous Memphis politics are and raise funds for the Animal Protection Service's spay/nueter program. Maybe our former mayor could avail himself of such services, eh?
My husband is researching whether a candidate has to be a registered voter (I can't believe they cannot be to run for office) but we have a few criminals who got elected to positions in local government-I use that term loosely-so who knows.
Stay tuned, kids, this should be fun.

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