Friday, August 7, 2009

Summertime blues

August has arrived with heat, Elvis death week (big $$ for Memphis) and general craziness for everyone around me. School starts Monday so some of us will have more direction in life now. I had a huge tiff about Facebook, (that time waster!!) only to discover that AOL was part of the problem. Oh well. Computer stuff is way beyond my comprehension, anyhow.

I have been working on a couple of new quilts. One is my mental health Monday project and the other I've been squeezing into my schedule of "events" at home. I'm wanting to finish them before November so they can have a chance to be displayed at the GPAC show. Still keeping my fingers crossed as I haven't received the contract with definite dates yet. And it is VERY hard to sew with one's fingers crossed!
Some of the other craziness, which I have referred to in an older post, should be getting cleared up soon, but yet another monkey wrench has been thrown in. This particular crazy stuff has been going on for nearly a year.

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