Thursday, October 1, 2009

work work work

Progress is being made here at the ranch. But I wish my house was clean. And the garden weeded. There are plenty of quilts to choose from for the GPAC show and I must find time to make all the signs for the pieces. And cut the wood strips to hang them.
Vincent and I went to Covington to visit the Noodleman's last Sunday. We had a very nice drive in the country on the great pumpkin hunt, which was a raging success. My yard has lots of very nice pumpkins of all sizes and shapes now! I'll try to grab a moment before the rain comes (again!) and take some photos. The pumpkins are quite lovely and it was very hard deciding which ones to get. The farmer had so many and he's such a nice guy and I have such a big pickup truck.........
We're going back Sunday after next to get gourds, maybe a couple more pumpkins, maybe.

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