Friday, May 7, 2010

New theme

The theme for the online challenge is "rhythm". My first idea was very exciting and I did the whole thing mentally while walking. Suddenly it seemed like a terrible idea and I felt I needed to do something a little more uplifting than that original thought--although the first one was fun in a devilish way!
So I have the "look" of this thing in my mind. Now I'm stepping out of my comfort zone to put it together. I'm taking some influence from Susan Shie's style of wholecloth quilting, which is WAY cool, I think. Fingers crossed it comes together to look like what's in my head.  I really hate to do a lot of work and be disappointed. But it doesn't have to be done till the end of June, so if it tanks there's time to recoup.


Park Girl said...

I love these quilts your making for the online challenge. Let's do another quilt show at Wings next year! (Sarah)

Park Girl said...

... that's you ARE... lawd, :)

Marilyn said...

Tell me when you want to have a show and I'll be in it. The online challenge is great fun and the themes are interesting. Look at the challenge blog to see how they are interpreted by the participants. Good stuff!