Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Room for improvement

This is what I have been doing now that graduation is over. I painted the crappy paneling this very nice blue--Behr Paints "Swan Sea" after much agonizing about color. The paint swatches were starting to look like patchwork on the walls. The priming took one day which I did two weeks ago and I finished the job last Saturday. Whew!!! Needless to say I could barely move on Sunday, but did get the room put back together. So now it's nice and clean and ready for quilts, pictures,etc. to be hung on the walls.


Thomasin Durgin said...

looks great!

Marilyn said...

Thanks. I thought painting was hard work till I went to exercise with my sil. She nearly killed me, but if I stick with her program I will look fabulous. And you know it is better to look good than feel good. haha

Leigh Ann Dye said...

Lovely shade of blue! It is the nicest feeling to see the room all back together, but new and clean!