Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

and they smell good too
what's not to love about champagne
Yesterday was my birthday. Whoopdee frickin' do!! I got cards and phone calls. Candy and flowers. Dinner out and champagne cocktails. My younger son gave me some art pieces back in August, too. Thanks to all.
  And I broke my pinky toe, which is not good for my daily 3.25 mile walking routine. Might have to switch to the bicycle for a while.


shades said...

you look Maaaaahvolussssss girl. Happy birthday to you.

jeanJeanie said...

Happy birthday!

AHR said...

Damn, Marilyn. You're smokin' hot, woman! That AND you create beautiful art. Not sure if I love you or hate you. Nah, pretty sure I love you (and I love your blog, too).

Deborah Camp said...

Happy B-Lated B-Day! Great pic, BTW. Sorry about the broken toe. Ouch!! You have been such an inspiration for me to lose that awful 20 pounds I'd had hanging around for eons. So, far 16 have come off and I may go all out and lose another 7 or 8 more to get super slim like you. We're still going the almost 5 miles a day. (2.5 in morning--same in the evening). Not every day, but most. Anwyway you look great!!

Deborah Camp said...

Lordy, forgive all the typos in the above comment. I'm all thumbs today!