Sunday, September 12, 2010

Road trip

On Friday, Three of my gal pals and I went to Nashville (thank you Mrs. McFarland for driving) to see the exhibit of vintage couture from the Victoria and Albert Museum, at the Frist Center for Visual Arts. It is way cool. The building and the exhibit. The center is the old post office in downtown Nashville. Wonderful reuse of a building from the 30's.
   The garments are absolutely breath taking from a design standpoint and by the way they are constructed. The clothes were all the more interesting to us because we know what goes in to making a perfect garment. I wish we could have had a more "hands on" experience with the garments. At one point I was on the floor inspecting a hem, and would have loved loved loved to have seen any or all the clothes inside out. (Many thanks to Mrs. Smith for helping me up off the floor--old knees.)
 Since then I have had many hours entertaining myself by imagining I got to try on some of the ball gowns. Or playing with that doll and her wardrobe. If this exhibit comes to a cultural venue near you, make EVERY effort to visit and experience the awesomeness. Even if you are not a fashionista type, the historical reference of the exhibition is huge.
Plus there was a collection of Dale Chihuly glass and that was totally amazing. Especially the video of his studio/arena, showing how the art is made. That was a combination of sporting event, ballet, and rock concert, in the most dangerous atmosphere imaginable. Fire and people swinging hot glass all around.

              On the way to dressmaker nirvana, we stopped along the interstate and I want to share a sign from the ladies room. 



jeanJeanie said...

Marilyn it is always a treat to read about your adventures (even the ones when you are at home!)

Sounds like a great trip... love the bathroom shot!

Marilyn said...

We had so much fun. Etta yelled at us in Jackson. What a great day!! Art, eating, fun, chatting, what's not to like about a day like that.

FiberAntics said...

OMG. You should have called me! Nashville is only 2 hours away from Chattanooga. Sounds like a great exhibit.