Monday, January 24, 2011

Mental Health Monday

Today turned out to be an exceedingly good day, after a rocky morning. I finally was able to get out to the community center and have some community with my sewing friends. It has been nearly a MONTH since I'd been there, for one reason or another. Also, worked in a little retail therapy at the Super Target beforehand.

 Worked on the quilt for the guild challenge, which is due in February. Got to look at the books and magazines brought by others and took one of my recent acquisitions "Drawing Lab," one of the North Light publishers offerings. Sewed, chatted, had a Target salad for lunch, what a day!!!
Here's photos of the room before anyone else arrived. You can tell why we love going out there, even though it's nearly as far as the moon for me to drive. haha  And a photo of my latest deconstructed screen printing adventures. Love the blue. It's actually brighter in "real life". The next ones will be red!

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FiberAntics said...

Love the blue prints! I took a workshop with Kerr Grabowski on deconstructed screen printing a few years ago. Cool technique--interesting textures and patterns.