Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow update

Even though the temps have been reasonable and it has rained, the snow people are trying to hang on and have become snownubs. Especially the ones on the north sides of houses and buildings. It's amazing how long this stuff lasts. What do the citizens in the northeastern U.S. do with all the mess?
  Because the temperature has moderated, I was able to get out and walk this past weekend. Felt great to get some fresh-slightly chilly-air and it certainly helped clear my lungs from this rotten cold that won't go away. Maybe I can catch a quick stroll between showers today. My mileage for the month so far is not very spectacular. I walked more in a week in November than I have so far in January.
 The artist's group I belong to (and am president of) is having a show that opens at the end of the month. I am trying to organize the setup and get my work together to put in the exhibit. I still need to finish one piece, so maybe I'll be inspired to get that done today and make fitting muslins too. Fingers crossed for a productive day.

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