Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not Again!!!

It snowed yesterday--a lot!!! And now the temps have dropped to the teens and the city is a solid sheet of ice. Especially the streets. Traffic last evening churned up the precipitation on the pavements and then it all froze overnight. The Sewing Guild meeting has been canceled and I will miss having lunch with the girlz, but the grindstone has been calling my nose and I must heed the request.
 The main sewing I'm involved in now is graduation dresses. Last year, I did a series of posts on one dress from start to finish, and decided to do something similar this time but with a more detailed direction. Photos to come later, maybe even this afternoon, depending on how much actual sewing gets done here. The only heat source in my sewing area is a tiny space heater and the forecast doesn't call for balmy temps. We'll be lucky to get to 32 degrees. 
  The quilt I've been working on for the Quilt Guild challenge has not gone as planned and my heart is just NOT in it. In fact, I am considering taking the whole mess and dumping it in the trash. Of course the guilt of wasting all that fabric and time will haunt me till the end of time. Damn those Lutherans!

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