Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to the grind

Vincent was here for 17 wonderful days. He celebrated his birthday twice and ran us all ragged. I already miss him, but need to get back to some serious income generating.
  I have a couple of projects coming down the pipeline that are giving me a more positive outlook on the future. One of them could be a big change that would propel me in a new direction. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out to the benefit of my good friends as well as myself.
   I found time to work on a few art quilts that were banging around in my head looking for a way out. I am pleased with them, for the most part, as they have added to the pleasant feelings I've had with Vincent's visit.  Not that I'm dancing amongst the unicorns in a field of flowers with rainbows overhead. There are emotional setbacks, but I'm learning to move on and get my life under control. (TMI??) So I must focus on the positive prospects on the horizon.
Vincent's birthday cake(s)--yummy
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby boy today!!

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Trish said...

Those cupcakes look awesome! I am eager to hear about your upcoming projects...!