Friday, July 1, 2011

Other quilt stuff

The outgoing president of the guild can request blocks to be made by the members and I usually try to comply since being president is a labor of love and it takes a real woman to step up to the challenge.
The most recent past prez wanted tulip blocks and was graciously accommodated by the web mistress in her request with a pattern to be paper pieced. My hair stood on end at the thought since I am THE WORST paper piecer EVER!
looks pretty good

But duty called and I jumped right in without reading the instructions (not my strong suit either) and actually did a pretty good job. Thanks to Mrs. Smith for letting me copy her pattern, since my printer is broken (grrrrr). As it turned out, I used the proper colors, even though I had not read the instructions for color choices provided by the recipient of the blocks. whew! Notice that I sewed the side strips on with out the paper, because I knew I would screw up sooner or later with this block and did not want to push my luck.

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