Friday, September 30, 2011

New bike

Last Saturday, I drove to Milan TN to get one of my nephew's bikes. He has restored some very nice vintage bicycles and sells them, but after hearing of my plight, offered one to me. In return for his generosity, I took several wall hangings that I thought he and his wife might like and let him choose the one he wanted. He must be a very good husband, because although his wife was working that day, he chose a piece she really likes too. She is quite talented, too and makes some very special jewelry and other ornaments. Her blog is on my list--Dandy Apple--have a look.
1970's Huffy--made in Ohio

  Today I bought a bell and tomorrow the plan is to go to a bike store to look for a basket. It has been recommended by someone (you know who you are) to get those handle bar streamers. Maybe I will if I find just the right ones. Oh yeah, I can see me now--59 yr old dried up old lady riding around Midtown with handle bar is one will notice.

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