Monday, October 24, 2011

Another day in the country

My life is turning into that old Canned Heat song.
Yesterday I went back to the Noodlemans, this time to get pumpkins. And the companionship and grilled food didn't hurt either. We drove up to Ripley to the Carmack's farm to find the barn open with a few pumpkins, lots of gourds, and signs with prices--$1 a piece, 50 cents for the small gourds--and a handmade repository for the money. Totally on the honor system. My faith in the society is restored.
  Besides these lovelies, there are many small ornamental gourds, some that look like eggs. I plan on creating a small tableau with my concrete chickens and a nest. Photos of that at a later date.
  A very good day. The fun grows on trees in the country, sometimes on the ground.

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