Monday, October 3, 2011

Good News and Bad News

Yesterday, I got to spend the day with Vincent, a rare treat these days since he has moved to the country with his mother--an hour and half away. When I went to visit my nephew last weekend to pick up my new bike, he graciously gave a bike to my grandson.( These are two bicycle fanatics who have never laid eyes on one another, mind you.)
  After a delicious breakfast of pancakes and bacon, I showed Vincent his surprise, and he was duly impressed with the big boy bike, especially the kickstand! Of course we rode to the little park around the corner, cuz that's what one does at your grandma's house over here. And that bike stood up all by itself when he got off it, because it has a KICKSTAND!
   So the bad news is Vincent had to go home. Fortunately, country living agrees with him (and his mother) but I miss him and wish he was closer. I let him take his other bike home so he can have something to ride. That boy is a natural on two wheels. It's like he knew how to ride all his life all he needed was a bike under him.

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