Thursday, December 1, 2011

December is here--oh my......

Today has been a laid back kind of day, a good one too. Friend Fred has arrived to be a Memphian. I could not be happier. Friend Marion arrived to be a Memphian back in August, so the joy is doubled. Now if I could convince my sister to be a Memphian, that would be really great!
Of course things will have to get busy VERY soon to finish this project on the house. Like tomorrow. The weather is holding up pretty well although today was a tad chilly. The next couple of days are looking good for outdoor activity.
   I will post more photos when things have moved along to a more complete stage.

1 comment:

fifima said...

Marilena, I miss you!!!
What prompted this redo?
I'll call soon so we can get caught up. I also need to come pick up my remaining stuff and pay you for them.