Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's up?

my new years eve meal--yummy--lamb & side dishes

lovely cava to toast the new year
The above photos are from New Years Eve. That was a tasty lamb roast with tons of garlic and fresh rosemary, cooked to perfect rareness. A nice Spanish Cava for sipping at midnight at the fire pit, listening to the neighbors fireworks.
Not much going on these days....besides the usual dysfunction. I have been busy sewing, mainly because I need to get through this pile of stuff that has to get done. My goal for next few days, weeks, months, is to get some income generating behind me and find time for artistic endeavors. Sanity restoring is the primary goal for the new year. When I look back on my recent past, art making is the one thing missing from my life right now and it has had a negative effect on my perception of who I am and what I want from my existence. I did make some pieces a few months ago that were straight from my heart. I will not be showing them publicly (except to my good friends who watched me create them) but they are in my living space to remind me where I have been this year. I wrote messages to myself in those quilts and really need to read them everyday.
  Wow! That sounds so pretentious. So far this blog has been the sunny side of this life and I was able to find a lot of happy positive things to write about. Maybe it's just the winter blues we all get this time of year and my mood will improve as the weather does. The eternal optimist inside me has not been speaking loudly enough and I need to listen to her more carefully. She will always be there for me.
Okay, that was even more pretentious. How did I do THAT??

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ettam said...

It's time for the good stuff to come rollin' in!! I hope you have a great year.