Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mud Pies

Now that the painting is finished (except for the triangle, which will get done this weekend) the landscaping is in motion. My son was here to help get started on stabilizing the edge of the water garden. We are using concrete blocks I have scavenged from curbs. Water dynamics is playing a big part in this project. That and brute force, which is why my son comes in so handy.
   We worked on it for a little while today after I took a break from the grindstone (ugh) but the rain came back and we had to cease and desist. When all this is done, my little garden outside the sewing room door is going to be so wonderful and soothing to look at. I am being a little more judicious in the plantings this time to avoid that overblown feeling. No more plants that want to run rampant. They will have a new home to go crazy in.
   While I was restarting the pump in the pond, I saw a few hardy souls in there. One of the goldfish was pretty good sized. Whew! There are still living things in the water.

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