Sunday, August 19, 2012


The temperature has been reasonable the last few days and I sat outside for a bit, or should I say bite, as the mosquitoes are still in full force.
 The grill was pressed into service earlier in the afternoon to prepare a lovely boneless lamb leg. The lamb was marinated with rosemary, garlic, balsamic vinegar, a splash of olive oil and black pepper. Onto a hot fire made with lump charcoal for 45 minutes. Mmmmmm...a salad of fresh tomatoes, red onion, feta and fresh basil, a crusty loaf of bread warmed on the fire, made an excellent accompaniment. All I had was the last glass of a pretty good chenin blanc to wash it all down, so I had to make do without a nice red, but sue me.
 The marinade was the same as I used for the lamb leg on New Year's Eve and the grilling made it very tasty, with a hint of smokiness. The rosemary branches I laid on the grill helped immensely to boost the flavor of the herbs in the marinade. I had my little dinner al fresco (also al solo--nobody else wanted to sit outside!?!) and wondered what the rich people were eating today. Of course they would have poopooed the white wine choice.
  As I was feeding the mosquitoes, I glanced at the overgrown beauty berry bush/small tree, and realized it is covered in lovely berries and birds eating them. I figured I needed to get some photos right away as the birds will have it stripped in no time. Next February (if I'm still available for gardening chores) I plan on pruning the plant very severely. It has been growing unattended for a couple of years now, except for some judicious cutting this summer to make it easier to walk by this "shrub".
Since I was out at dusk, the four o'clocks were covered in blooms. This plant has loved me back in a big way this year. I snagged the seeds several years ago and just threw them on the ground, not really caring if they came up. Disappointment has been the rule with LOTS of plantings in this yard over the years, so I never get my hopes up.

crazy overgrown beauty berry

  These photos might look like I was out there at the dark of night, but I think it is the flash that makes them look weird.


Trish said...

Your 4 o'clocks are yellow! My neighbor had some, but hers were fuscia...I just assumed that was their color! I would be wrong...

Trish said...

p.s. it's getting hader and harder for me to prove I'm not a robot...I can barely make out those jammed-together blurry letters with the serifs!