Monday, August 13, 2012

Blah blah blah

The quilt I started for the SAQA show in Cincinnati (fingers crossed it would get accepted) is coming along very well. I put some hand stitching on it today and am pleased with how everything looks. The machine quilting is pretty good too. It's mostly words I stitched in a block style of lettering. I like doing that style more than script and it seems to be easier for me to stitch. The words go in all directions which looks fun to me. It is readable if you really try.
  There is another quilt I've been sewing on that has the same style of writing on it and the words are pretty funny and harder to read. I'm loving that quilt. It also incorporates some of my deconstructed screen printing fabrics, which I totally love. When I get brave enough, I'll post photos of those quilts. There are some deep emotions stitched into those pieces, although most people wouldn't get it just by looking at pictures. So maybe I'll get around to taking photos and posting them soon.

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