Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bath Redo

the tiles showed up yesterday

bucket of blue stuff

cement board

the window of my dreams

cement board and dry wall
Here are other photos of the renovation. I would have put them on the post earlier, but realized they were still in the camera. The blue stuff is pretty amazing. Marty, the contractor's supervisor, said he painted a shoe box with this stuff, once upon a time, and filled it with water. Three weeks later, nothing had leaked out. I love a good story.
  The guys have been so nice to put the potty back before they leave. It has saved us from having to rent a port-a-potty. Bathing has been an experience. The basement is where I dye fabric and do surface design, so there is a laundry tub and faucet down there. That is where I am washing my hair and having a glorified boarding room bath, or "ho" bath, as some would say. Oh well, it's working for me.

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