Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bathroom Redo Part Two

The project is coming along very nicely. The room was totally gutted except for the ceiling and floor, which was in good shape and I really wanted to keep the original tile floor. I love all the little hexagons and that kind of new tile is pricey.
 Once the floor under the tub was reconstructed, the plumber reworked the water pipes and installed the mixing valve. Then Brian, the tile guy, (who also does a lot of the construction work too) put in the cement board, a layer of "mud" and the plumber came back to install the new drain, which has been moved to the center of what will be the shower area. He also put in the waterproof membrane that continues a few inches up the wall and over the threshold. More "mud" on top of that, with a mini French drain (gravel) around the plastic parts. All the work you can't see is what appeals to me, because I know it's there to make the new bathroom safe and structurally sound.
 I have been watching "Holmes on Homes" on HGTV and DIY for months and was appalled at some of the sloppy, dangerous things "contractors" did to peoples houses. This old house will never be totally fixed to those standards, but at least the few renovations that have been done, have improved the quality of living here.
  They took out the old rotted window and replaced it with the window of my dreams. It is exactly how I thought it would look and functions like I want it to. 
what's left of old window

waterproof membrane

new window surrounded by cement board

shower floor with second coat of mud
  The drywall guy came after Brian finished mounting the cement boards on all the wall areas where the tile will go. This morning the drywall guy came back to put on a second coat of compound to cover the screws and seal the joints of the drywall. Everyone left early today--well not too early--to let all the mud and compound  and blue waterproofing dry sufficiently. Tomorrow the tiling begins and things will look even better.