Saturday, January 26, 2013

ATC update

The nicest thing happened. The artist trading card challenge at Quilting Arts involved getting a card in return for the one you sent in last September and I received a groovy card in the mail. On the back was the email of the artist who created the card, so I sent her a note saying how much I really love it.
  She replied with a nice note and all was good in the world. The other day I got another email from her with a photo of HER holding MY card. YAY!! and as soon as I figure out how to get it from the email, I will post it here along with a picture of the card I got. Cross your fingers.
  While I'm on the subject of posting photos, I'll update you on my new "job" as communications person for MACA. I got an afternoon tutorial from the very nice young woman who was doing the website. She had redone the group's website with and showed me how to rearrange information after we fiddled around changing colors on the template she had picked out. It looks pretty easy, so I am going to add some photos and artist contact info to the site soon, later today or in the morning. Cross your fingers for me on that too, please. To view that website--before I wreck it--go to Maybe someone will show me how to add a hot link someday.

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