Thursday, February 20, 2014

The inter web community

A while back I posted a story about the demise of my favorite iron and how sad I was it decided not to work with me any longer. Some how, through the miracle of modern technology, someone googling Bernette steam irons came across my post and contacted me with an offer to sell me the same model I was missing so badly. After several weeks of telephone tag, the transaction has been completed and I am the proud owner, yet again, of my beloved steam iron. Of course, I purchased another steam iron with all the features I held so dear in the former favorite, so now I will have to make the choice between the two. 
Oh such decisions!!!! First world problems are so difficult. Shall I use this wonderful iron or the other? Shall I eat beef or chicken today? Oh goodness, which of the available fresh foods before me will accompany that beef or chicken? Should I have a bottled beverage or can I go to the tap and have a drink of water that I know is not contaminated? 
  Yes, I am full of liberal guilt and know how lucky I am to be living on the right side of this planet. Yes, I threw a little pity party for myself today because I haven't been able to make time for artistic ventures. 
But I sat on the front porch and watched a storm roll in and I couldn't have done that a year ago. I saw the meter readers walking around the neighborhood today and knew I'd be able to pay the utility bill when it comes due. When I go from room to room in the house and see the clean open space, I feel better. When I decide to move some little object from one table top to another just because it makes me happy, I know I'm going to be okay. 
  The dust will settle soon. Stay tuned for the further adventures of the newly divorced old lady. 

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