Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring is here.

We are having the most lovely spring again. Last year, it seemingly went on forever, and this season is holding up very well. Because of the prolonged deep cold we had the past winter, so many plants are responding very well, such as the jonquils. They are bloomed out for the most part now, and the peonies are looking good for beautiful flowering. Mayapple, star gazer lillies, irises, woodland phlox and deciduous ferns are all providing much viewing pleasure.
    Some things did not survive the bitter temps, and I had to replace catmint, rosemary and Greek oregano, which surprised me. It's pretty tough. The holly ferns got bad frostbite and had to be trimmed WAY back, the aspidistra too. New shoots are coming up on those hardy plants.
 The houseplants are slowly making their way outside, even though there are supposed to be a couple of chilly nights this week. Now that I have the front porch back for my use, I am filling it up with greenery and that makes me very happy. 
   I'm also feeling the urge to start new sewing and quilting projects. A new bed quilt is in my near future. Haven't tackled a big quilt in a long time, and I want something all fresh and new for my bed. I've got everything together and will begin soon. 
    Other projects in the works are some new skirts and tops for summer. I'm trying to decide if I want to grow out my hair and it's looking pretty ratty now. I figure a cute fun skirt will keep everyone's eyes off my head!!
    Stay tuned for updates and photos!!

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