Saturday, June 28, 2014

A different look at life

Looking at recent post's titles, my outlook on life needs to be moving at a better pace than plodding. Of course, I wanted a more boring life than the one I was living in the last couple of years, but plodding? No! 
Maybe I need to find a more positive vocabulary to express the daily adventures I'm experiencing. But my attention to minutiae may not be everyone's cup of tea, even though it excites the shit out of me. For example, I was totally incensed that some critter ate the tomatoes from my plants I have been tending for months. I have not had much luck in the past few years growing veggies of any sort and this year seems promising that I might get some lovely tomatoes from my effort. Now that the deadly tree is gone, there is a bit more sunshine and we have had abundant rain. So, I stood in the rain and carefully arranged netting over the plants, hoping to discourage interlopers from my would be harvest. 
  On a sadder note, I found remnants of a tiny body of some sort near the pond. My heart sank as I did a rudimentary autopsy (with a stick) and realized that the smaller of the bullfrogs may have met an untimely end. Those darn raccoons!!! Probably the same ones who nabbed the tomatoes!! Grrrr...
  Such is my homebody existence. And I don't mind. I asked the powers that be for a dull and boring life. A drama free zone. That's what I have now. And I have stargazers to bring me joy.

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