Wednesday, July 9, 2014


The heat and humidity returned as we all knew it would. Hey, this is Memphis.
 So I will wait for a while before I work in the yard. So much to be done. By now, I certainly know the meaning of the phrase, "Nature abhors a void." I think that's where the the tale of Sysiphus in Greek or roman mythology came from. Maybe rolling a rock up a mountain just seemed more heroic than yard work. I beg to differ. I am beating back a forest!! I am a majestic fifty foot goddess, plucking that tree seedling from the ground. 
Then I turn around and a tiny bird has pecked a hole in my precious tomato. Where was that goddam cat who's supposed to be protecting the crops? Oh yeah, that cat is sleeping in the air conditioned house, waiting for me to open a can of food. Why do the cat food companies not make bird and mouse flavored cat food? Cats are getting soft, like kids these days. 
  Where was I?? I don't know. It's still summertime. The living is easy?? The cotton is high? Wish I was. 
  Okay back to reality.....I have my bed quilt halfway done. I'm very excited to get that project to completion, mainly to satisfy the Lutheran in me. I have an idea for another small series of art quilts, that I started long ago.
  Vincent's birthday is tomorrow and his mom is making a fabulous cake. I will stay out of her way in the kitchen, for sure. Photos of that in coming days. He is very excited as he should be. Growing so tall and handsome. School will be upon us soon. Fourth grade!! 
  My life is reasonably good, if you look at the really big picture. I have a house with utilities and running water (tidy too!), a vehicle that gets me where I need to go, I'm not malnourished, by any means, family who love me, friends who care, despite my multitude of flaws. Enough technology to satisfy my want for reaching out to the world. Enough time to satisfy my want to be in control of my little patch of earth.
  My dear departed sister would put things she could not control or deal with in her outer environment. Everybody in the family knows of this place. We laughed about it at her funeral. And when you think about it, it makes sense. She used to joke that she had put so many things there, they were all crashing back into her life. I wonder if I'm doing the same thing. There's not so much that I'm in danger of stuff coming back in, but I know I have made an outer environment of my own, to keep the hurtful feelings away from my everyday life. How many of you do this? Is it a defense mechanism that everybody has? Is it dangerous or normal? 
  Gosh, I miss my sister. 

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