Sunday, December 6, 2015

They are upon us.....

The pesky winter holidays are coming closer, friends and loved ones! Since the last one, Thanksgiving, I have been a total slug, except for certain duties. I guess it was all the food and drink......yeah, right. One of the activities that got checked off my list today, was the annual holiday card. Photos were taken, downloaded to website, design chosen, sly and funny message added, order placed. Pick up, postage purchase, addressing of envelopes will ensue shortly. 
   I do love cards, sending and receiving! Two have arrived already and I feel like I'm falling behind. Other projects have fallen by the wayside in my stupor, and I must snap out of it, get to gettin' and all that. This past year seems like it has gone on for months and months, but is snowballing to its inevitable end. 
   The photo accompanying this post is a bit of a spoiler alert, yet I cannot resist showing Jerry in her best photobomb!

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