Friday, March 4, 2016

Little bit of arting

As is common in most municipalities, Friday evening is THE night for art show opening receptions here in Memphis. The local daily newspaper publishes who, what, where and includes a blurb or two from the town critics. I'm sure they get paid by the word.
  There are a few venues in walking distance in this hood, so a couple of gals and myself went to see us some art. The one show was a collection of paintings of the renovation of a long abandoned Sears building. It is a huge project which already is having a positive impact on this part of town. The wine and tidbits were above average for an art opening, I must say. The painting I REALLY want is beyond my budget, only because I have to have trees removed from the property surrounding my hovel. Dang!!
  The next offering was an exhibit of conceptual art (oxymoron?) that took a few moments to catch onto. Loved it!! Nothing was for sale and one of the "rules" of the exhibit was that all works had to be destroyed so as not to be replicated in subsequent shows of the concept. Wouldn't it be wonderful and so validating to be invited to make a piece for this future show!! PLUS---the tidbits were way above average at this opening. The wine, meh, not so much.
    I should be hired to write the post show review for the daily rag. I would not make much money.

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