Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oh joy

Today, the postal carrier delivered a letter from the public works department of our fair city. It seems I am in violation of yet another ordinance, this one pertaining to the local newspaper's free edition that comes every Tuesday. These publications which contain all the recycled news of the week, pile up at everyone's curb in this neighborhood. 
 Last summer, there was a notice on the door from code enforcement, about my yard being overgrown with weeds. That kind of went no where, then I read in the newspaper, who is leaving unwanted publications in my driveway, which is fueling this latest fiasco, about the supervisor at code enforcement. Seems his underlings have filed a complaint against him for not following up on the complaints citizens have filed against each other. This could work out in my favor, or NOT! And I do not want to rock THAT boat!!!
   I guess I should be prudent in taking the recycled news directly to my lovely recycle cart, according to this latest infraction.
  Oh golly gee, I love midtown. And being a scofflaw......


Chuck Leamon said...

We get this bi-weekly (2 times a week) P.O.S. "newspaper" which is just ads and coupons. We've asked many, many times for them to stop--we don't want it, don't want to pick it up. They continue. BJ ran the guy down one morning and blessed him out and it stopped for a while. Now it's back. This past year the carrier had the nerve to put a flyer in our mailbox, basically asking for a christmas $$ gift!

F.U. dude!

I feel like collecting them for a while, then taking them to the subscription manager's home and dumping them in his/her driveway. Maybe I can get my neighbors to join in and get a dump truck full. Make a statement!

Marilyn League said...

I just saw this Chuck! That's a great idea and I wish I knew where the manager lives! My neighbors would be happy to gather up the papers as we are a bunch of reactionaries and would be hard core commies too, looking for a common cause to make our little part of the world a better place. Thanks for reading my blog. It's the middle ground of Facebook and my personal journals. I really loved the photos of you and grandkids. you looked so proud and happy to be with them.