Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Friday

The 5th annual Broad Avenue Art Walk was held last Friday and I had the honor of having some of my art work hang in a gallery there, with work of a few other artists. Thanks to Jerry Coulliard for inviting me to have my art in his space, Metalworks. It is quite a nice space too, and he had iron working demos in his smithy that evening. The weather was great which was a huge plus for the crowds turning out en mass. 

The foot traffic was huge and I saw a lot of people I know, even folks from my old neighborhood. A few of my things sold, which is good and helps me feel a little bit validated as an artist.


shades said...

Your work added such a wonderful splash of color to the space Marilyn. Great show!

Rakehell said...

It was a very fun event.