Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 challenge quilt

Alas, the 2010 online challenge has come to an end, as all good things must. I'm not sure where we are supposed to post the final installments so I'm showing it here.

  The final theme is "Destination". Very fitting place to end up, I think. This offering describes a happy place for me, the home body. I hope to someday get to that happy place, wherever it may be.(For some reason I remain the eternal optimist, despite my comments to the contrary.)
  I sewed all the challenge quilts together today and will post a photo of that on a different day. 


Rayna said...

Cute! I often wish I had time for on-line challenges but alas, I hardly have time for my own sewing. Lots of bits and pieces being sewn together tonight - nothing recognizable as kid-quilt potential, however.

Happy Merry - I love your "bah humbug" attitude.

Gina said...

Super destination! I found this is where to post our quilts I hope to get mine posted later today. Looking forward to seeing how you put all your challenge quilts together - great idea.