Friday, December 24, 2010


It's nearly over! I have not been a holiday person since forever and this year seems to be worse than other years. Worse than the year I asked my teenage children if they REALLY wanted a tree in the house. Being boys they had no preference one way or the other and it was fine by me to not have that dead plant in the house again, since the tree from the year before did not make it to the curb till nearly Easter. Ah, Easter. At least yummy chocolate bunnies are involved in that holiday.
   So here's the best I can do to summon up any holiday spirit. This is the card that was sent to all deserving friends and relatives for the xmas season of 2010. Enjoy. The caption on the card was something about food. This refers to the weight loss experienced at this domicile. You can lose 40 lbs in no time at all, if you quit cooking dinner!


Trish said...

Well, in spite of the bah humbug, I DO hope you have a Merry Christmas! Love the card...some day *I* will get some cards made, too...sigh.

etta said...

Okay, I did not get one of these cards. Are you trying to tell me something?? It's really cute and the new body is so svelte