Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Challenge quilts

The other day I sewed all the 16x 20 quilts together and put a sleeve on the top edge and hung it up. Then I took it down to hang up the quilt I needed to photograph to enter the AQS contest, then hung it back up. Whew the ladder got a workout too. Probably the most exercise I've got since this crappy cold weather set in. It's just too cold and dreary for walking (no matter how much I bundle up) and although the temps forecasted (sp?) for tomorrow sound good, rain is imminent. Boohoo! Since my spectacular week of Thanksgiving, when I walked over 30 miles, I have been a slug in comparison. Plus I've nearly eaten my body weight in candy. Ugh. I do not want to get that sweet tooth back. And my vehicle is acting up again.
Will stress and anxiety see me out of this year? Okay by me as long as it does not follow me into the next one!
2010 online challenge quilts
   So here's a photo of all my challenge quilts from 2010. I really did enjoy doing these and was able to put so much more of my heart into my work than ever before. I hope to continue the feeling with whatever art I make from here on out.

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