Friday, May 27, 2011


Just now realized how long it has been since my last post. Sewing has been reduced to a very slow crawl, in comparison to all the last few months of constant garment construction. I do have many photos to share, but haven't been inspired to organize and post. ???  Guess I need a little distance from the memory of all that labor before I can look at those white dresses again. They really turned out beautifully and I got lots of positive feedback from their people. Soon I'll post new sewing stuff with lots of construction photos.
  Last week I was inspired to do some screen printing. The dyed screens had been laying in the basement for months and I was a bit worried if they would work very well. Especially since we have had so much wet weather here and the basement floor stays wet during rainy periods. Anyway, I pulled some prints onto cotton fabric which had been treated with soda ash solution. Turned out very nice. I may go back and put some other surface treatment on it but for right now it's fine. I did take photos but can't remember if they are downloaded into my files.
  Also there's a few new art quilts in progress. And I have updated my walking sketchbook a little. Taking off a little time to air out my brain, but I will very soon need to beat the bushes for income. Put that freshly aired brain to good use! 
photo used for a trading card

  My grand daughter is here for a few more days. She just graduated from high school and we are chillin' for a bit. The walking continues and my mileage for May is GREAT, plus we had a little bike ride last evening, since the weather was very nice, and we needed to work off some of the massive amount of food consumed earlier in the day.

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