Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer has arrived

Last week I was wearing a hoodie to ward off the chill and now the AC is cranked up. I really miss having the windows open, but the humidity here is down right cruel. Walking has to be done in the early am or it is just too hot for outdoor exercise later in the day.
  My mileage for May has been very good--89.57 miles logged on the pedometer. That does not include walking back and forth in the house (where did I put my glasses? what did I do with my purse?) and errands that are close by that I was able to walk to instead of driving, plus I rode bikes with my granddaughter a couple of times while she's been here. We went to the Holiday Inn Express this past weekend and swam in the heated pool, but I'm sure the gyro plate I had at the restaurant totally wiped out those gains! Of course the eatery was in walking distance so we opted for that mode of travel.
  I did find the photos of my deconstructed screen print fabric and downloaded them this morning. It's okay but looks a little unfinished to me. Really needs something added. I'm sure I will find the time soon, although I do need to beat the dollar bushes this summer. Waiting tables sounds good right now, but I have zero experience with that and I am pushing 60. With all the weird stuff going on around here, I may have to conquer those fears and jump into unknown territories soon.

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