Monday, May 9, 2011

Will it never end?

The rain seems to have stopped for a while, but the flooding from up river is causing lots of problems for many residents here. Creeks and streams are backing up due to snow melt and the long rainy spring in the entire Eastern US. But you most likely know that if you have watched a news report in the last few weeks. And Osama bin Laden is still dead.
   The sewing has slowed down, and I'm looking forward to a little break. Just a tiny one, because I hate it when things slow waaay down and I'm broke all summer. What I really want is a decent part time job that I can go to, work at, leave it behind at the end of the shift, and get paid on a regular basis. Dream on.
 I have plenty of photos of the things I've put together these last few months, but need to get them organized and ready for more posts on dress construction. That will have to wait til later this week.  But for now here is a photo of the first dress ready to be pressed. Notice my fab cordless iron. It's a Maytag, purchased at the quilt show many years ago. I use it only for pressing these dresses as there's no cord to wrinkle up the parts I just finished unwrinkling. I hate it when that happens!

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Trish said...

I am loving this dress! You are so creative, dreaming up these designs and putting all the components together like a puzzle! Can't wait to see what else you share!