Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where we left off....

positioning template for curved band

pin marking center of horizontal band; blue marker

blue dots for guide

longer edge stitched

miter corners before stitching

This is where we left off at the second graduation dress's construction. I'm not including the construction of the skirt panels because they were done similarly to the first dress and who wants to be redundant today? Not I!!
    Of course the photos came up first and I don't know how to change them.
  The skirt has a lace band about 2/3 of the way down. I made a paper template of the curve for the piece of lace to be formed to. I traced it with a blue wash out marker--just made little dots--and placed pins on the vertical lace bands to mark their centers. I pinned the lace along the longer edge first and sewed with a straight stitch, then pulled up a thread along the edge of the lace to make it fit into the smaller edge of the curve. Straight stitching again.
 After all this sewing, I trimmed the batiste away from the back of the lace and pressed and zigzagged, like I did on the other dress.
  At the intersection of each vertical band I had to miter the lace and stitch that, then trim it away on the back.  Those seams were covered with small medallions cut out of the lace that's leftover from the bodice. I don't think I got photos of that but I'll check my files. If not, maybe the dress's people will send me the photos they promised from the graduation ceremony.
  Next will be photos of the bodice getting connected to the skirt. Enjoy!

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