Friday, June 3, 2011


After rereading my last two posts, I realized I need to get out more or get a new life. The latest post was just a rehash of the one before.
   My grand daughter left yesterday and I will miss her very much. We had fun while she was here. She needs to get her college plans together ASAP. I have promised her a laptop, but will not deliver on that promise till she is enrolled in some institution of higher learning.
  And now that she is gone I must get busy finding gainful employment of some sort. (Oops, I'm rehashing again.) I will be starting on a new dress next week and will try to document the progress of that project for everyone's entertainment.
  A friend suggested I read "The Creative Entrepreneur" and do the exercises in it. I have gone so far as to buy the book, but haven't delved into it yet. Last year I bought a copy of Julia Cameron's book on overcoming artist's block "The Artist"s Way" and did some of that. Mostly, I liked the journaling aspect of it and although I haven't continued with the daily morning pages, I still do quite a bit of what I like to call page dumping. When I reread some of the writing, which is done in stream of consciousness style, it seems a little disjointed (maybe my husband IS right and I should be heavily medicated and/or institutionalized!) but at least I can get what I am feeling about my current situation out of my head and documented to a certain extent. And the psychologist I'm seeing says writing all this stuff down is good.
  I also keep a little journal about walking and that makes me very happy. It has drawings and little paintings in it, in addition to the writing. It's pages are decorated with images from the hand carved stamps I made. Little feet walking on the pages. Mileages. I walk a LOT and should probably start looking for new shoes soon. The ones I am wearing now are a year old and the tread is looking pretty shabby.
  Yesterday, I presented a program on mixing pattern pieces in a garment for the sewing guild in Collierville. Everyone was very nice and I hate that I had to skip the lunch afterwards.  Lunching with the ladies is always a good thing and I try to never pass up an opportunity to do so.
Holiday Inn Express--queen bed all to myself,aaahhh.....
   Okay, enough of this shit. I'm going to work on some art today.

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